The Bible Moves Workshop

The Bible Moves is a time-tested, kid and teacher-approved method of teaching all the books of the Bible with hand motions that give an idea what each book is about. Visual, audible, and tactile learners enjoy the method and its lively fun review games. The understanding of Biblical content plus book sequence adds up to a valuable tool for life-long learning. SEQUENCE + CONTENT = A TOOL FOR LIFE-LONG LEARNING Say you have a question on Christology? The Bible Moves would guide you to John, where Jesus is described as the “Son of God,” or Colossians where we see He is “all the fullness of God in bodily form. You may wonder where this world came from. Genesis is described as “the book of creation” B.Bopp presents The Bible Moves in an interactive 55 minute workshop suitable for any age. Biblical characters (by B.Bopp) have been known to interrupt the proceedings, offering their insights on the inerrant Word of God. Print materials and DVD teaching are available to support the workshop and are available at all times in the Dynamic Children’s Ministry store.
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