Full-Family Worship Workshop

Bbopp and PuppetAt times our culture splits the family into age-driven groups for many justifiable reasons.  But does this always need to be the case?  Is there a time when the whole family should stay together?  In the Full-Family Worship Workshop, B.Bopp examines methodology and practices that have allowed him to serve the whole age-spectrum in memorable ministry for decades.  This 45-minute workshop is designed to teach pastors and lay-leaders how to hop over the age barriers and provide meaningful worship elements for all.

                Workshop elements include

  • B.Bopp’s Axiom for Preaching
  • B.Bopp’s Corollary to B.Bopp’s Axiom
  • AEIOU’s of effective full-family services
  • God’s design for effective discipline
  • Ask the “Know-it-all”


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