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At Dynamic Children’s Ministry, we know that preparing for your Children’s Ministry programs each week is a very busy job, not to mention getting to the ‘extras’ like; room makeovers, marketing, working out new curriculum, new recruiting methods…the list goes on and on, but…

What if you knew an experienced Children’s Minister who had proven information and methods and customized it all just for your church? Dynamic Children’s Ministry is committed to doing just that. We assist churches in pinpointing children’s ministry areas that need attention and give solid strategies for strengthening them.

Click on the Coaching Package that you would like to learn more about (below) or contact us for more information.

Children’s Ministry Transformation Package

A complete on-site Children’s Ministry evaluation at your church, with written material and phone call/Skype coaching before and after the evaluation. This package is designed for churches who would like to transform their Children’s Ministries, bring them up to date, and make them more appealing and effective. The combination of the written materials, face-to-face connection, multiple phone calls and written suggestions, make this package ideal to transform your ministry.

A thorough evaluation of your church’s Children’s Ministry including its programs, policies, appeal and marketing. In addition to the on-site evaluation, questionnaires and assessments are sent to the church for completion, a phone session is conducted before the visit, a written suggested plan is given after the evaluation, and a follow up phone session is included in the package.


Churches with up to 199 typical church attendance; $600 plus expenses*
Churches with 200-499 typical church attendance; $1000 plus expenses*
Churches with 500+ typical church attendance; $1400 plus expenses*

*Expenses include: 1. Standard mileage rate from I35/I80-exit 126 (Douglas Ave-Urbandale, IA) reported on Google Maps*. 2. If more than three hours of car travel, one night hotel accommodation (one night for every three hours travel time). *Plane travel, in lieu of mileage and hotel, can be substituted, if desired by the church, to lower travel costs.

Discount Available- A $100 discount on the Transformation Package core cost is available for churches hosting a Dynamic Children’s Ministry Workshop (see workshops link for details).


Children’s Ministry Mentoring Package

Designed to stretch, equip, encourage and train an individual Children’s Ministry leader through regular contact, guidance and study over the course of a year.



One year of 12 (monthly) personal Children’s Ministry mentoring sessions conducted over the phone or Skype to go along with 12 downloaded units of evaluations, and homework assignments. During the year of study, the Children’s Leader will be mentored and challenged to study and develop these skills: Pastoral, teaching, creativity, administration and leadership. The participant will also be challenged and held accountable to deepen their spiritual disciplines throughout the year of mentoring and study. This package is perfect for the individual that is new-to-ministry as well as the seasoned leader looking to take his or her Children’s Ministry to the next level. Upon completion of all twelve sessions, the student will receive a certificate of completion.

$40 one time enrollment fee + $120 monthly coaching fee (12 months in all). This fee includes at least one phone or video conference each month and downloadable materials. Several additional books are not included but strongly suggested throughout the year of study.

Operation Encouragement Package

Intense mentoring and encouragement for Children’s Leaders who feel called to Children’s Ministry, but the demands are weighing so hard they feel close to stepping down.


The three weeks of weekly phone mentoring sessions and frequent emails are to strengthen and encourage the Children’s Ministry Leader who feels led to serving as a Children’s Ministry leader, but whose passion is ‘burning out’. The Ministry Coach, trained in one-to-one Christian care through Stephen’s Ministry, will give encouragement, listen without judging, and encourage the participant to search him/herself while seeking God’s face. The coach will also dig into the ‘whys’ of the particular situation including a Spiritual Giftedness Assessment and will provide prayer, study resources, and practical methods that have helped others facing similar situations. Completion of this package does not guarantee the participant will not step down, but will provide confidential support, and accountability to look both inward and also to God.

$400 for the entire three-week package of mentoring and communication (does not include supplemental books that will be suggested).


Guided Ministry Evaluation Package

A guided Children’s Ministry evaluation for your church, designed for churches who would like to transform their Children’s Ministries, bring them up to date, and make them more appealing and effective. This package is similar to the Children’s Ministry Transformation Package, but is more cost-conscience.


Assessments are sent to and completed by the church. Pictures or video are also required to be taken at the church and sent or emailed to the ministry coach. The coach reviews the information, communicates with the church leader via phone or Skype and devises a written suggestion plan. All communication is done over the phone/Skype, email and downloadable resources.


Churches with up to 199 typical church attendance; $300
Churches with 200-499 typical church attendance; $500
Churches with 500+ typical church attendance; $700


New Children’s Ministry Leader Training Package

Practical tools, instruction and mentoring for new Children’s Ministry leaders who want to learn the basics of leading a creative and effective Children’s Ministry Program.


Two months of 4 sessions (every other week for two months) of practical instruction over the phone or Skype including:  teaching/preaching techniques, administration, event planning, organization of ministry, hiring staff, volunteer recruiting/retention, time management (including making family time a priority while creating a successful ministry), budgeting (and methods for keeping costs low), room design, and use of props/visual learning aids. Upon completion of all four sessions, the student will receive a certificate of completion.

$400 for all four sessions.


For more information on our coaching packages or to inquire about custom ministry services especially for your needs, please contact Brian@dynamicchildrensministry.com or call 515-326-2056

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