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Avoiding Classroom Chaos

God made us inquisitive beings who prefer to be active, especially as children. When there is nothing to "draw the attention," chaos will soon occur.  Once that happens, there's little chance of regaining order. Here is a time-tested tip to avoid chaos in any kids church or classroom.

The simple solution is to have something, or someone, prepared to focus those inquisitive minds from the moment they step into the room.  If the group is diverse you might offer a variety of options including; an active game; a Lego or knex building center; a coloring or craft table; a game cart that offers a variety of puzzles or stacking toys; a karaoke machine for singers; Children will naturally gravitate towards things they like.  I have often used a pre-session hand-puppet as  the "attention-getter" in settings where a variety of options is not feasible.  Balloon twisting always fascinates a crowd but the twister must have clearly defined rule.  ie'  "These animals will be given out later as prizes, not now." 

When the time comes for large group activity or worship to begin, use a video and audio timer so the whole group will know when to put things away and get seated.  Make your own countdown, announcement video,  or search for a suitable countdown on the web.   With a little familiarity, everyone will know to have the "stuff" put away and be in their seats when the time runs out.  This type of order and routine will set everyone at ease and get the class or kids church off to a great start.

Bonus Warning: Save running activities for game time. No chasing or tag games allowed for the safety of the group.


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