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True Mastery = Better Disciples


True Mastery = Better Discipleship


To MASTER an idea, or a concept, or a scripture, or a mental picture or process means more than memorization.  It is the process that places information firmly into the long-term memory so securely that one can bring it back to mind with effortless recall.  Anything less is not mastery.


Teaching  one verse a week, spitting it out for a prize at the end of class is NOT mastery.  Someone labeled it the “Zip – Plop” method.  We ZIP a verse into their minds one week, and the one they learned last week PLOPS out of mind.  What’s the remedy?  Simply put, repetition and reinforcement until the student is able to recite, or report the information without prompting.


This type of learning takes time, and mainly REPETITION.  There are those people, of course, who seem to be “really good at memorizing” but I would submit that anyone can master a topic if it is taught in their dominant learning style.  Teachers/pastors/parents MUST become aware of the way their students learn most effectively and be diligent to use every style if they are teaching a group.  Auditory, visual, and tactile learning methods must be considered, or the instructor will fall into the trap of teaching in their own learning style.


Mastery makes better disciples.  The fruit of discipleship stems from the root of mastery in scripture, character values, and world-view.  We MUST take the time and incentivize results, or we run the risk of making flimsy followers.


Here's a link to one tool that helps to memorize all the books of the Bible in order with hand motions that provide a content theme for each book.  When mastered, The Bible Moves become a tool for life-long learning and an onboard  "searchable database" when we need answers from the Word. 


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