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What Good Daddies Do


Did you ever jump in the car for a short trip and think- “It’s just a couple blocks, I’ll skip the seat belt this time”?  It happened to me just this morning.  My son and I hopped into the car to go work out just two blocks from our house.  I saw that he had dutifully put his seat belt on and in an instant this profound thought, a “God-thought,” popped into my head:  Setting a good example for him in small things far outweighs my momentary inconvenience.  I reached down and buckled up.


This is SUCH a profound principle that carries over into every aspect of our lives. 


             Son sees Dad buckle up?  He buckles.  (Safety & common sense)


Son sees Dad praying?  He prays.  (Spiritual stewardship)


Son sees Day exercising?  He exercises.  (Physical stewardship)


Son sees Dad honoring his wife?  He learns and stores this example for the future.  (Commitment to marriage)


So THIS IS what good Daddies do; They set a good example for their children.


Go forth, and BE the Dad.




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