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You might have a heart for children if…

You might have a heart for children if…

·         Your favorite store department is “TOYS”

·         You immediately bend over to meet kids before their attending adults

·         You are genuinely excited each time you hear “Look! I lost a tooth!”

·         Your eyes fill with tears when you see daddies properly loving their little daughters

·         You sincerely worship with kids songs

·         You are thrilled by the sight and smell when opening a fresh box of crayons

·         You have a drawer (or drawers) filled with crayon drawings and spaghetti art

·         Your prayers still include “Now I lay me down to sleep…”

·         You feel honored at the grasp of tiny fingers around your pinky

·         You consider spills an opportunity to pray on your knees

·         You regard a new bike as the “best prize ever”

·         You believe there is no higher privilege than to kiss the peachy head of a newborn

Posted 4/25/13 by Rev. B.Bopp

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