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Children’s Minister Injuries

I was actually injured by a small child’s hug earlier this month at church!  Let me explain, one of my little preschool friends (who has been gone a lot this summer) saw me and enthusiastically put her arms out to give me a hug.  Now know, when I give kids hugs, I always want it to look as innocent as it is, so I do a quick turn in order to give a side-hug. Anyway, she was really quick and at the same time I turned and bent down, she jumped into the air and hugged me around the head.  In doing so, she put her forehead into one of my cheeks and reached around by my ear and squeeeeeezed.  I then I heard it!…POP… it was the sound of my jaw, and a horrible jolt of pain followed!

It wasn’t long before the pain went away (a few Ibuprofen really helped!), but the intensity of the hug made me think about how much this little child missed me, and probably more so, she missed her entire church.  Even though she doesn’t know much about how the world operates, she knows that people at church love her, and that truth, will stick with her for a lifetime.  What an honor we have to be involved in positively shaping children’s views of church!

I have been injured many times in Children’s Ministry over the years, like:  being kicked in the shins by a crying toddler, getting slammed in the head with a table (someone tried to adjust it with their body while I was reaching under it), tripping over a child while I was trying not to trip on another child, and the list goes on and on (yes, it’s funny now), but this was my first “hug injury”…and I’ll treasure it every time I think about it!

Never forget how much you matter to the children you minister to!  If you start to forget, just get some good hugs… and protect your jaw!

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