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This week I received a thank you note from my child’s school.  It wasn’t fancy, just a postcard in an envelope with a couple of heart-felt sentences, thanking me for helping out with the teacher’s appreciation breakfast.  Receiving it surprised me because, frankly, I really didn’t do much...I just signed up to bring a few cartons of juice and a container of ground coffee.


While I felt the note was a little undeserved, it did get me thinking about how much we thank volunteers at church.  If a school goes to all the trouble of sending a note when a volunteer runs to the store, how much more should we, as Children’s Ministers, be thanking the people who give their time to eternally impact the children in our church?

I know what some of you are thinking right now.  You already know you should be thanking volunteers and you’ve have good intentions of sending notes to your team, but…you get so busy pulling everything together for the weekly children's services that you often run out of time to do "extra's" like appreciation.

Children's Ministers are the busiest people I know.  We are doing a million different things and it seems like Sunday just comes faster and faster each week.  Knowing that, we should always remember that our programs are only as good as the friendly adults who volunteer alongside us, and appreciating them is one of the most important things we can do with our time!

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